We prepared the sauna zone offer to the hot bath enthusiasts that covers the Finnish and steam bath as well as relax room. It is a perfect complementation of treatments and massages.

FINNISH SAUNA – the temperatures inside reach as high as 100°C; however, thanks to low air humidity, it is not very noticeable. The sauna perfectly cleans the skin from toxins, improves microcirculation, and reduces water retention in the body, thus helping fi ght cellulite.

STEAM BATH – optimum temperature in the treatment room ranges from 40 to 45°C. The steam bath perfectly moisturises and cleanses the skin. It soothes and relaxes the muscles, and has a benefi cial effect on arthritis, periarthritis and neuralgias. It has a positive impact on the respiratory system and blood circulation.

Sauna zone is free of charge to the hotel Guests.

One-off admission without time limit to the non-hotel Guests – PLN 20

Lwowska 1  | Cracow | Spa & Wellness

Spa & Wellness

Финская сауна и баня, интимное пространство и тихое место для глубокой релаксации – это мокрая зона нашего СПА.
Lwowska 1  | Cracow | Zielonym Do Góry

Zielonym Do Góry

Мы – не вегетарианский ресторан, хотя нас вдохновляет, прежде всего, все зеленое Овощи, травы, фрукты – именно они играют первую скрипку в наших блюдах, а мясо и рыбы дополняют наши оригинальные композиции.

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