Pickles - our passion!


Pickles are our passion! Do you mainly associate them with cucumbers and sour cabbage? If so, we encourage you to try the tastes of “Zielonym Do Góry”! Pickled tomatoes, lemons, pears or even eggs – it might sound surprising and it tastes equally so.

But we assure you that our cuisine is simply delicious and – contrary to the first impression you may have – affordable.


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Currently on sale:

  • pickled apples  with cloves and cinnamon,
  • pickled plums  with spicy touch,
  • pickled pears  with cloves,
  • pickled pumpkin  with chili and curry,
  • pickled carrot  with spicy touch,
  • pickled chioggia  beetroot  with cinnamon,
  • pickled beetroot with garlic nad herbs,
  • pickled beetroot  with cinnamon,
  • pickled Jerusalem artichoke  with rosemary and garlic,
  • pickled sprout  with chili and garlic,
  • pickled celeriac  with garlic and pepper,
  • pickled zucchini  with curry and chili,
  • pickled lemon with bay leaf and pepper,
  • pickled lime with bay leaf and pepper. 

0,9 l jar -  11,00 PLN  |  1,8 l jar -  27,00 PLN

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Zielonym Do Góry

While we are not a vegetarian restaurant, we do find the "green stuff” inspiring vegetables, herbs, fruits – this is what prevails in our menu.

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