Massages and treatments


If you need to relax after a hard day or desire a new energy boost, choose one of our massages:
Classic massage
Depending on your needs, the massage can have a stimulating or a relaxing effect. It is more intense than relaxing massage. This massage relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, nourishes the skin and helps remove toxins from your organism. Additionally, it accelerates muscle regeneration, improves their firmness and elasticity.
180 zł / approx. 60 minutes
130 zł / approx. 30 minutes
Relaxing massage 
The perfect way to combat both physical and mental fatigue. It helps unwind and relax tense muscles. Perfectly removes stress and tiredness after an entire day of work.
170 zł / approx. 60 minutes
120 zł / approx. 30 minutes
Face and décolleté massage
Gentle massage relaxing your face muscles. Unique macadamia or jojoba oil will make your face better nourished, healthier and radiant.
100 zł/ approx. 25 minutes
Klapp firming and drainage face massage
This massage focuses primarily on skin regeneration and facial modelling, improving firmness of face, neck and  décolleté skin.
120 zł / approx. 30 minutes
Feet massage
Based on the classic massage, it will bring relief to your tired feet and will make your blood flow faster. It will remove toxins from your organism more effectively, which will improve your mood.
80 zł / approx. 20 minutes
Anti-Stress massage (of neck and arms)
The massage helps quickly reduce stress and muscle tension.
80 zł / approx. 20 minutes
Hot stones massage
It uses the effect of hot stones, the heat of which relaxes and gives vitality. The heat emitted by the stones effectively eliminates tension and fatigue, and restores good mood and vitality.
220 zł / approx. 75 minutes
Herbal stamps massage
This massage is carried out with cotton bags filled with a herbal or fruit mix. The aromas released due to the heat penetrate the skin and leave it conditioned. The massage combines aroma therapy, thermotherapy and peeling effects.
220 zł / approx. 60 minutes
Candle massage
An exceptionally sensual ceremony performed using warm candle oil, which is comprised 100 % of natural ingredients, such as Shea butter and coconut oil. The unique formula of the candle oil leaves the skin wonderfully moisturised, silky smooth and soft. Additionally, this massage - thanks to the relaxing heat, unique consistency and overpowering aroma - stimulates the senses and guarantees exceptional experiences.
200 zł / approx. 60 minutes
140 zł / approx. 30 minutes
Holistic massage
Combines the elements of a classic massage, relaxing massage and the Polynesian lomi-lomi massage. Aromatherapeutic oils relieve tension, giving a feeling of peace and incredible relaxation. The treatment also includes a head and face massage, which makes it the perfect relaxation session for the body and senses.
200 zł / approx. 80 minutes
Bamboo massage for tired legs
Massage with bamboo sticks provides an excellent drainage, regenerative and relaxing effect. Improving your venous and lymphatic circulation will make your legs feeling lighter, less swollen and all muscle tension disappears.
160 zł / approx. 50 minutes

Exclusive body and face rituals

If you look for more than a relax, choose one of our carefully composed face and body rituals that will provide gentle and thorough care to even the most demanding skin.
Harmony of Senses
Carefully selected compositions of valuable ingredients contained in the face and body beauty products introduce a harmony, peace and equilibrium by affecting all our senses.
This unique ritual consists in body peeling preparing your skin for application of the other cosmetics, followed by face treatment tailored to the needs of your skin. The Harmony of Senses is a perfect choice, if you look for natural care of your face and body skin in addition to calming down and relaxation. 
350 zł / approx. 2 hours
Back to the Nature
We have created a ritual consisting in a two-stage body and face treatment in order to take care of your skin the best we can.
The first part of the Back to the Nature is a clay ritual taking place in the cosy sauna zone. Further treatment is performed in a beauty salon.
400 zł / approx. 2 hours

Face care

Klapp face treatments
The Klapp brand has been providing the innovative products and treatments that both reflect the current trends and even anticipate them, guaranteeing relaxation and unique experiences combined with exclusive and effective care, for more than 35 years. Our treatments guarantee excellent results and enable complete relaxation and calming down.
Hydra Plus moisturising treatment  
Intended for care of each type of skin, in particular dry and dehydrated. It is based on the hyaluronic acid complex of differentiated particle size. The effect is immediate improvement of skin flexibility and firmness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, elimination of epidermal roughness and promoting an even skin tone.
Key active ingredients: HYAL 4, vitamin C, aloe extract, glycerin.
180 zł / approx. 60 minutes
Power Effect firming and shaping treatment
Dedicated to poorly moisturised skin with visible loss of flexibility. Vitamin A boost collagen synthesis and activity of enzymes responsible for skin ageing. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants that immediately reduces wrinkles and skin irregularities, improving its appearance and regenerative capacity.
Key active ingredients: vitamins: A, E and F, almond oil, castor oil, hyaluronic acid, aloe, vitamin C, collagen and elastin.
180 zł / approx. 60 minutes
Sensitive Touch soothing treatment
Optimal and all day long care of sensitive and allergy-prone skin. No preservatives, fragrances and pigments. It provides excellent protection of skin against irritations, reduces redness and brings immediate feeling of relief and soothing. Boosts the immune system of your skin, increasing its protection against harmful external factors.
Key active ingredients: beta glucan, panthenol, aloe, squalene, safflower and macadamia oils, hyaluronic acid.
180 zł / approx. 60 minutes
Skin Balancing cleaning and mattifying treatment
This line is created especially for skin with impurities and disturbed sebum secretion functions. The treatment has a cleaning and deeply detoxifying effect. It improves general appearance of skin that becomes smooth and mattified.  It normalises sebum secretion, reduces irritations and inflammations.
Key active ingredients: salicylic acid, biosulphur, panthenol, urea, allantoin, algae extract, vitamin A, B, C and E and biotin.
200 zł / approx. 60 minutes
Citrus Brightening lightening and brightening treatment  
This line is dedicated to skin at any age. It protects against free radical, increases skin resistance, boosts collagen synthesis and promotes an even skin tone. The therapy reduces the symptoms of skin tiredness and hypoxia. In effect, your skin looks fresher and more relaxed.
Key active ingredients: vitamins C and E, aloe, hyaluronic acid, milk proteins, papaya, lime, pine apple, kiwi, banana, almond and jojoba oils.
220 zł / approx. 60 minutes
Express face treatment
Express treatment tailored to the needs of the customer skin, consisting in peeling, cream mask and cream application. A perfect solution for all people in hurry, expecting an immediate effect.
110 zł / approx. 30 minutes

Body care

Kurland body treatments
The Kurland cosmetics feature unique and ceremonial approach to SPA treatments, since all final products are made of semi-products in presence of customer. The cosmetics contain no preservatives or chemical compounds prolonging their shelf-life. Kurland is a return to nature, genuineness and sensuality.
The fragrances forming the basis for treatments affect our senses and promote well-being, provide inner equilibrium and boost our vital strength
Kurland Body Peeling:
Body smoothing with salt and oil
Salt peeling with oil. It exfoliates dead epidermis, leaving your skin smooth and soft.
80 zł / approx. 20 minutes
Bolus Alba- an enzymatic peeling dedicated for sensitive and delicate skin. Gently exfoliates dead epidermis while simultaneously protecting it against harmful factors.
110 zł / approx. 30 minutes
Body rituals:
The Illuminating Ritual of Red Wine
The phenols and tannins contained in red wine are a perfect component for inhibiting the formation of free radicals. Its anti-ageing effect has remained invaluable for many years. It strengthens blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation. Thanks to the content of fruit acids, it cleans the skin and leaves it soft, smooth and illuminated.
200 zł / approx. 60 minutes
Cleopatra rose ritual
A unique ritual leaving our skin perfectly moisturised and nourished. Amazing fragrance of roses will relax and calm down our nerves. Rose has an antiseptic and relaxing effect and sooths muscle pains. Vitamin boost ensures excellent care of our skin.
180 zł / approx. 60 minutes
Coffee detox ritual
Caffeine contained on coffee has a great influence on our skin. It protects against free radicals, firms, boosts flexibility and decreases cellulite. Caffeine has also a detoxifying and blood circulation boosting effect. After this treatment, your skin will be soft, fresh and firm.
180 zł / approx. 60 minutes
Lavender relax ritual
The lavender treatment is perfect for sleep disturbances, nerve relaxation and reducing anxiety. This unique ritual will calm you down and relax, leaving your body in equilibrium and harmony.
200 zł / approx. 60 minutes


Finnish Sauna
The temperatures inside reach as high as 100°C; however, thanks to low air humidity, it is not very noticeable. The sauna perfectly cleans the skin from toxins, improves microcirculation, and reduces water retention in the body, thus helping fight cellulite.
Steam Bath
Optimum temperature in the treatment room ranges from 40 to 45°C. The steam bath perfectly moisturises and cleanses the skin. It soothes and relaxes the muscles, and has a beneficial effect on arthritis, periarthritis and neuralgias. It has a positive impact on the respiratory system and blood circulation.
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