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If you need to relax after a hard day or desire a new energy boost, choose one of our massages.


Classic massage

Depending on your needs, the massage can have a stimulating or a relaxing effect. It is more intense than relaxing massage. This massage relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, nourishes the skin and helps remove toxins from your organism. Additionally, it accelerates muscle regeneration, improves their firmness and elasticity.

189 PLN / min

129 PLN / 30 min


Relaxing massage

The perfect way to combat both physical and mental fatigue. It helps unwind and relax tense muscles. Perfectly removes stress and tiredness after an entire day of work.

179 PLN / 60 min

119 PLN / 30 min


Face massage

Gentle massage relaxing your face muscles. Unique macadamia or jojoba oil will make your face better nourished, healthier and radiant.

109 PLN / 25 min


Feet massage

Based on the classic massage, it will bring relief to your tired feet and will make your blood flow faster. It will remove toxins from your organism more effectively, which will improve your mood.

89 PLN / 20 min


Hot stones massage

It uses the effect of hot stones, the heat of which relaxes and gives vitality. The heat emitted by the stones effectively eliminates tension and fatigue, and restores good mood and vitality.

229 PLN / 75 min


Anti-stress massage of neck and arms

The massage helps quickly reduce stress and muscle tension.

99 PLN / 30 min


Herbal stamps massage

This massage is carried out with cotton bags filled with a herbal or fruit mix. The aromas released due to the heat penetrate the skin and leave it conditioned. The massage combines aroma therapy, thermotherapy and peeling effects.

219 PLN / 60 min


Candle massage

An exceptionally sensual ceremony performed using warm candle oil, which is comprised 100 % of natural ingredients, such as Shea butter and coconut oil. The unique formula of the candle oil leaves the skin wonderfully moisturised, silky smooth and soft. Additionally, this massage - thanks to the relaxing heat, unique consistency and overpowering aroma - stimulates the senses and guarantees exceptional experiences.

219 PLN / 60 min

139 PLN / 30 min


Chinese cupping massage

Chinese cupping massage is a relaxing and therapeutic massage. During the procedure it comes to acceleration of metabolism, which in effect reduces fat tissue and cleanses the skin of toxins and prevents the formation of cellulite. Works as a lymphatic drainage.

219 PLN / 60 min

139 PLN / 30 min


Aromatherapy massage

It allows you to get rid of the tension all over the body. It is especially recommended after prolonged physical exertion and / or mental. It promotes the regeneration of strength and eliminates the negative effects of stress. The massage is performed with warm oil with 100% natural oils ethereal.

229 PLN / 60  min

149 PLN / 30 min


Full body massage with bamboos

Massage with bamboo sticks has a great draining, regenerating and relaxing effect. Improvement of venous and lymphatic circulation, making the body lighter and less swollen, and any muscle tension will disappear.

179 PLN / 60 min


Shea butter massage

A relaxing massage with the use of Shea butter lotion gives the skin the effect of long-lasting hydration and elasticity of the skin thanks to the high content of vitamins and fatty acids. It perfectly nourishes the skin that is dry and damaged by UV radiation, strengthening and rebuilding the epidermis and the lipid layer. The massage soothes irritations, reduces stretch marks and scars, and additionally relaxes the muscles and puts you in a state of deep relaxation. Select from magnolia, coconut and pink pepper smell.

199 PLN / 60  min

129 PLN / 30 min




Especially recommended before massage. Special price in the package with massage – 40 PLN.


Sugar peeling 

Regular peeling are crucial for body care. It clears and moisturizes skin, improves a microvasculature and has a relaxing effect when applied right before a massage. Select from magnolia, coffee and pink pepper smell.

79 PLN




A regenerating and moisturizing treatment

A treatment designed for all skin types, especially dehydrated, sun-dried, tanning in a solarium and dehydrated due to dry air (air conditioning, heating). The leading ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe, vitamin A, E, F affect the synthesis of collagen, improve its condition and the ability to regenerate.Long-term increases skin hydration, ensuring its firmness and vitality.
199 PLN / 90 min


Face brightenins treatment

A care line designed for skin of all ages. It provides protection against free radicals, increases the skin's resistance to external factors and stress. The treatment is especially recommended in summer. It reduces the signs of fatigue and hypoxia of the skin, which looks fresher and more rested. Leading active ingredients: Vitamin C and E, algae, milk proteins, pineapple fruit, kiwi, almond oil and jojoba.
209 PLN / 90 min

A revujenating treatment

Due to the wealth of nutrients this treatment has many benefits. Thanks to the action of active ingredients such as: ASC III, vitamins A and E, collagen, aloe veram, the skin is deeply moisturized and toned. By stimulating the production of collagen, wrinkles become less visible. In addition, the skin tone improves, lymph flow and skin microcirculation are stimulated.
219 PLN / 90 min



Touch of beauty - a relaxing treatment

A unique ritual that leaves the skin perfectly moisturized and nourished. The amazing scent of magnolia and roses combined with a relaxing massage will perfectly relax and soothe your nerves. Rose has a calming antiseptic effect and soothes muscle aches.
299 PLN / 90 min

Pina colada - refreshing summer treatment

It takes so little to move into the world of tropical experiences. The scrub with an exotic scent will perfectly cleanse and prepare the skin for the next stages of the treatment, a massage with shea butter with a coconut scent will moisturize sun-tired skin, and a lotion with freeze-dried pineapple will allow you to feel the breath of summer for a long time.
329 PLN / 90 min

Coffee break - anti-cellulite chocolate-coffee treatment

The caffeine contained in coffee has an excellent effect on the skin. It protects it against the influence of free radicals, gives flexibility and reduces the visibility of cellulite. Caffeine detoxifies and stimulates blood circulation, while a Chinese cupping massage will visibly firm the body.
329 PLN / 90 min
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