Rules and Regulations of the Lwowska 1 Aparthotel

The Management of the Lwowska 1 Aparthotel kindly requests Guests to comply with these Rules and Regulations for everyone’s comfort and security. The Rules and Regulations are an integral part of the agreement stipulating the terms and conditions of service provision and Guests’ presence at the site of the Aparthotel from the

  1. The hotel rooms are rented for the hotel day. If the Guest fails to define the period of their stay upon checking in, it is assumed that they rent a room for a hotel day.
  2. The hotel day starts at 3 pm and finishes at 12 pm the following day.
  3. The Guests wishing to extend their stay are kindly requested to advise the reception desk by 10 am on the day when the stay finishes. The wish to extend the stay shall be granted if possible.
  4. Guests may be checked in only upon presentation of their ID (a passport or an ID card) with a photo to the reception staff and upon signing the registration card.
  5. For the duration of the stay, the Aparthotel reserves the right to pre-authorise Guest’s credit card, demand a cash deposit in the amount covering the whole stay or request an advance payment for the stay.
  6. In the case of bookings settled in advance, a credit card shall be required to safeguard any additional liabilities. The card shall be authorised for the amount of 200.00 PLN for other services which may possibly be rendered. Upon Guest’s departure the authorisation shall be  released.
  7. Buffet breakfast is served between 7 and 10 am from Monday to Friday and between 7 and 11 am at weekends (Saturday and Sunday). The Aparthotel reserves the right to change the breakfast serving times.
  8. The Aparthotel does not provide room service (i.e. serving meals in the hotel rooms).
  9. Guests are not allowed to give their rooms over to third parties, even if the period for which they duly paid is still running.
  10. People who are not checked-in may stay in the hotel rooms from 7 am to 10 pm.
  11. Should there be any objections to the quality of service, please report them to the reception desk immediately to help us take prompt action.
  12. The Aparthotel must ensure:

         conditions for Guests’ full and unrestrained relaxation,

         secure stay, including the guaranteed confidentiality of the information pertaining to Guests,

         professional and polite handling of the services within the range of services provided by the Aparthotel,

         room cleaning and performance of the necessary repairs of room devices while the Guest is absent from the room or, in the case of the Guest being present in the room, only upon the Guest’s permission,

         additional equipment is possible to order only in the range of services provided by the Aparthotel.

  1. Upon Guests’ request the Aparthotel provides the following services free of charge:

         information on the stay and travel,

         waking-up call at the time specified by the Guest,

         safe keeping of money and valuables during the Guest’s stay,

         keeping Guest’s luggage.

  1. The Aparthotel reserves the right to refuse the safe keeping of very valuable belongings, substantial amounts of money, items which may pose a threat to security, and large items which, due to their size, do not fit into the safe or another secured storage place.
  2. The hotel Guest shall bear financial responsibility for all kinds of damage to or destruction of hotel fittings, equipment and technical devices where the Guest or Guest’s visitors are at fault. The Aparthotel reserves the right to charge Guest’s credit card after Guest’s departure for the damage caused.
  3. The claims for the repair of the proven damage shall be handled according to the following rules:

         repair of the damaged item,

         payment in full for the damaged item,

         purchase of an item with the standard level and functionality being the same as in the damaged.

  1. The Aparthotel shall not be liable for the loss of or damage to money, securities, valuables or items of a scientific or artistic value if those items were not given over to the reception staff for safe keeping.
  2. The underground car park is under a 24-hour surveillance and is unguarded. Additional charges apply for using the underground car park.
  3. Should the possessions carried into the Aparthotel be damaged, the damage must be reported by the time the affected Guest checks out at the latest, in a written form including: the description of the event, contact details, identification of witnesses (if any) and the signature of the affected party.
  4. In the hotel rooms and in the vehicles left in the underground car park it is forbidden to keep dangerous items: weapons, ammunition, inflammable substances, explosives and illumination materials.
  5. In compliance with the fire protection procedures, in the rooms Guests cannot use open fire, an iron or any other similar electrical devices which are not part of the room equipment.
  6. The charge in the amount of 500.00 PLN shall apply should the room require additional cleaning due to unusual kind of mess or dirt left by the Guest.
  7. During Guest’s stay the room is cleaned between 8 am and 4 pm. If the Guest hangs out the ‘Do not disturb’ notice on the door handle, room cleaning is not performed.
  8. Whenever the Guest leaves the room, they should make sure the door is locked and they should leave the key at the reception desk. Guests receive keys at the reception desk upon presentation of their ID.
  9. A complete ban on smoking applies in the hotel rooms and in other hotel areas. Failure to comply with the ban means the obligation to pay 500.00 PLN for the performance of room refreshing.
  10. The night-time quiet period in the Aparthotel is between 10 pm and 7 am.
  11. The Aparthotel Guests and visitors cannot engage in any behaviour which would disturb the peace and quiet nor compromise the security of other Guests.
  12. The Aparthotel may refuse to check in a Guest who flagrantly violated the Rules and Regulations during their previous stay by causing damage to Aparthotel’s or Guests’ property or by causing personal injury to Guests, hotel staff or other people present in hotel facilities or by disturbing the peaceful stay of Guests or the operation of the Aparthotel in any other way.
  13. The Aparthotel may refuse to provide services to any person who violates the Rules and Regulation of the Aparthotel. Such a person is obliged to comply with Aparthotel’s demands without delay, settle the liabilities for the services provided up to that time, pay for the damage caused (if any) and leave the hotel site.
  14. Items left behind in the rooms shall be sent to their owners at the receiver’s expense once the hotel has received a written dispatch order. Should there be no such order, the Aparthotel, in compliance with the accepted procedures, shall keep the items left behind for the period of three (3) months. Upon the expiry of that period the items shall be destroyed. Food products, including spirits, left behind in the rooms shall not be kept by the hotel and, in compliance with the procedures, they will be destroyed immediately after Guests’ departure.
  15. Dogs are accepted in the rooms only if the reception staff have been duly advised and the extra fee settled, as specified in the list of fees and charges. The Aparthotel accepts only dogs which are not on the register of dog breeds with aggressive nature. Dogs are not accepted in the hotel facilities where food is served and in the SPA zone. Dogs must always be under the care of their owner.
  16. When in the public spaces of the Aparthotel, the dog owner is obliged to keep the dog on a leash and in a muzzle. Dogs must have valid vaccinations.
  17. The Guests staying with dogs bear financial responsibility for any damage caused by the animal.
  18. The Rules and Regulations of the SPA & Wellness Zone are an integral part of the Rules and Regulations of the Aparthotel.
  19. Should any deviations from the required quality of the services rendered be noticed, Guests have the right to make a complaint to the Aparthotel Manager or, in case of her absence, to Manager on Duty or the reception staff.
  20. Any matters not provided for herein shall be governed by the pertinent provisions of the Civil Code.
  21. Pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC of 27/04/2016 (hereinafter: RODO), we inform that:

         the administrator of personal data is Lwowska sp. z o.o.,  Lwowska St. 1/14 , 30-548 Kraków, tel. +48 12 612 64 00;

         contact to the Data Protection Officer: ;

         personal data will be processed in order to conclude, execute and settle a contract for the provision of a hotel service (legal basis of Article 6 paragraph 1bof the RODO), archiving documents (legal basis Article 6 paragraph 1 of the RODO) and conduct statistical analysis of guests' stays hotel (legal basis art. 6par.1f RODO);

         providing personal data is voluntary and necessary to conclude a contract for the provision of hotel services;

         Front Office staff, management and employees of sales department are able to access a personal data provided by You;

         the administrator undertakes to protect entrusted personal data against unauthorized access, intercepting by an unauthorized person and processing in contravention of the law regulations;

         after the completion of the hotel service, the data will be archived for 5 years to protect against possible claims, and then anonymized;

         please be informed that credit cards details are kept only for the time from start to completion of the ordered service. The card data is destroyed and removed from the systems after completed service and when all debts will be settled;


         You have the right to access your personal data, to rectify, delete, limit processing it, the right to transfer data, also to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body when it believes that the processing of personal data violates the provisions of the RODO; in case of necessity, use a following address: .

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